Trimodular Knotiles

I’m working on a gift from a husband to a wife, inspired by triangular symmetry.  This knotwork is only 4 triangular tiles, but is capable of a huge assortment of different forms when connected together.  I often build my geometry with a similar process, creating tiles that can connect to create a variety of forms, so I can use the geometry for jewelry & artwork, but also functional items or custom design work.

This is viewable & downloadable in 4,800 glorious pixels. If you want me to build or design things for you using this tile set or any of my other geometry, please contact us!

to cut


One thought on “Trimodular Knotiles

  1. Shamanic Harmonics says:

    That is amazing, thanks so much for sharing your design work behind the scenes. May I ask how you create the triangular tiles?

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