Pythagoras Lute Earrings - Naked Geometry

Pythagoras Lute Earrings


The star contains within it the Golden Ratio, Phi.  When stars are scaled at this ratio, they stack perfectly in a ladder form named for the famous mathematician, Pythagoras.

Material:  3-ply birch wood
Thickness: 1/8th inch
Dimensions: ~2” x 2”
Finding:  Nickel-free SilverNaked Geometry is art and jewelry inspired by mathematics and nature. All of our woodwork is created in Pittsburgh community maker-spaces from sustainable materials, using a combination of laser cutting and traditional craft. The hardwood we use is either reclaimed, dead-fall, or ethically sourced. The plywood we use is LEED, F.S.C.-certified or better. Our findings and chains are nickel-free. Our cords are waxed cotton. All geometric art and design is created in-house by a small team of eccentrics. 

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