Mandelbrot Fractal Inlay Pendant - Naked Geometry

Mandelbrot Fractal Inlay Pendant


The Mandelbrot set fractal is named for Benoit Mandelbrot, who coined the term fractals, giving us a name for this study, and its most iconic image, the Mandelbrot set. All fractals exhibit the same shape as a whole as an individual part does, a property called “self-similarity.” A tree is the simplest example. A branch looks like a tree, and the tree looks like a branch. The “Mandelbrot set” fractal shown here would technically be an infinitely long line, but we reduced its complexity just enough to render the image in two pieces of wood, meticulously joined. We offer the pendants as hard maple set into padauk.

Dimensions: 1.5″ x 1.5″
Thickness: 1/4th inch
Finding: Silver Plated Bail
Chain: Sterling Snake Chain