Ornaments, set of 10


NOTE: All ribbon is now black.  It goes with everything. 🙂

Our new line of ornaments is here! These were very popular items for us last year, I had many long nights in the shop cutting sets. 🙂   Lasercut from 3-layer birch plywood these ornaments have a lovely honey-colored surface and a delightful smell!  Each ornament is 1/4 inch thick, measures approximately three inches tall and comes with a loop of silver ribbon and they are ready to hang on a tree for the holidays or around the home all year long.

We’ve designed this line from scratch with thicker edges, larger loops to accept a broader range of ribbon and many fun, new designs.  These are sold as a set, one of each style, but custom sets are available, just use the contact form to send us a message!

Designs for 2016:

1 – Golden Spiral
2 – Sierpinski Triangles
3 – Penrose Tiles
4 – Four Directions
5 – Star Light
6 – Flower of Life
7 – Polygon Pleasure
8 – Eight is Great
9 – Fractal Tree
10 – Endless Knot