Abalone Shell Necklace - "Abalone Flower" - Naked Geometry

Abalone Flower Pendant


Each one of these pieces has a unique 3/4″ circle cut of reclaimed abalone in the center, and three different species of colorful hardwood on the perimeter, in a hexagonal, flower-like design that is based on the seed of life.

Our flowers comes in two variations, an earthtone flower that comes from reclaimed hardwoods. We use maple, cherry, and walnut, all sourced locally in the Pittsburgh area. The backs are from Juniper.

Our colorful flower variations are composed of Padauk, Osage Orange, and Mahogany. They are backed with Zebrawood. All of the wood we use is reclaimed from other woodworkers who would otherwise have discarded it.

It goes without saying that every piece we make is unique, each comes in a range of color, grain, as does the inlaid abalone. We guarantee the species listed, and go through great lengths to select the best wood and shell patterns for these flowers, but what you receive may vary slightly from the picture. Message us if you have a specific request!