Hi, thanks for visiting!  We’ve been having a good time getting to know you folks during our Facebook Live presentation this week, though there have been some changes to the plan – see below for more details.

You’ve seen this video, right?  If not, check it out!
If you’re all in, skip right to learning about our new Patreon model.


We’re broadcasting and interacting with viewers live on our Facebook page from 7:00pm to 11:00pm EST, every evening from Monday February 10th to Saturday February 15th!   Each episode will feature different themes and guests. The precise schedule will be evolving throughout the week based on among other things YOUR input, but here are the basics:

Monday, February 10: 


Unfortunately, Monday’s episode was significantly impacted by technical issues…but as of Tuesday we’re more or less back on track.

Tuesday, February 11: 


(a masterclass for beginners, pt.1)
Meet guest geometric artist Alberto Almarza!

Wednesday, February 12: 


Our initial plan was to tour our shop, meet shopmates and discuss woodworking more on Wednesday, but due to internet issues at the shop the plan has been changed. James and Laura will be discussing and demonstrating pencil and digital techniques for creating knotwork informed by Celtic and Islamic tradition as well as modern math. We’ll also be showing some of our most popular art pieces, which are based on these techniques, and introducing a new tool/toy available to our Patreon subscribers!

Thursday, February 13: 


(a masterclass for beginners, pt.2)

Meet guest mathematician & roboticist Georgia Burr! 
Georgia and James have been working every week for 6 months on exciting polyhedral research. Don’t miss this one.

Friday, February 14:


Special valentines day edition with James and Laura Gyre.  

We talk about love, art, creativity and whatever else we want.
With any luck, this will be broadcast from a special location.

Saturday, February 15th:


You’ll find out… 
Also, kid day! Meet our kids.
A family friendly broadcast.  

Sunday: bonus day? We’ll see! 

While we know that this event will be fun and informative, it also has a more serious purpose: the Facebook model that we’ve been using so far has grown us to where we are now (nearly 300,000 fans!), but in order to keep up our growing research and educational priorities (as well as continue to share what we’re learning in detail with you all) it’s time to create more intentional space. We decided that Patreon makes the most sense here.  

The good news is that if only 1 in 60 of our fans pledge as little as a dollar a month, our entire overhead costs as a business will be covered, freeing us up immensely to create the art and educational content you want us to make.  We have so many amazing art projects we’ve been working on for years, video content that you’ve been asking about, and things you want to learn, and we think this model will enable us to achieve ALL these goals together.

Speaking of which, another part of the plan is to collect more direct feedback on what we can do for you, our audience. Our Patreon supporters can choose from a variety of tiers to suit their involvement, offering rewards ranging from membership in a private community and monthly digital download packs or a monthly “shapes of the month” club box, wholesale pricing on our website, direct creative feedback on your work and even large-scale custom work. In a more general sense, we’ll be soliciting input on our future plans: are people more hungry for the learning aspect, the craft and techniques, or does everyone just want us to focus on exciting new product development? 

We have a lot of ideas already, which you’ll hear more about during the Live, but we’re so much stronger with your input. Don’t worry.  We’ll keep making the page as it has been.  We just got tired of losing connections to our true fans in all the noise of Facebook.  We know you’re out there because we meet so many of you in person.  It’s time to meet online!

In the meantime, if Patreon isn’t for you (or if you’re already a subscriber and you’d like to do more… thank you!) there are a few other ways you can help us out. 

You can:

Shop our web store any time.
Share our video on FB and promote the live to your friends from Feb 10th-15th.
Most importantly, show up, comment, ask questions and participate!

Thank you so much, everyone.

Naked Geometry

Feb 2020