Naked Geometry was founded out of a love for geometry in its pure state. James had been painting and drawing for years, and realized that a study of geometry was in order to improve his work.  He became so enamored while reading about sacred geometry, fractal mathematics, plane-tiling & knotworks that he began to focus on the geometry for its own sake.

10 years later it’s a family business that’s quickly growing a team of people.  We’ve taken our love for geometry from the theoretical and artistic realms into the physical world with laser-cutting, CNC & traditional woodcraft.  We create jewelry, artworks and housewares at a shared maker-space in Pittsburgh.   We salvage wood from everywhere we go, and use almost entirely deadfall, reclaimed lumber & scrap from other woodworkers. We work with many other artists, inventors, web-workers, designers and other makers, and can now create a surprisingly wide range of objects.  Lighting, prints, wooden dishes, clothing, large wall art, furniture & metalwork are all in the works!

We will always remain dedicated to our core of geometric excellence, and never stop studying and deepening our craft.  If you ever notice us slipping on facts, speak up!  Truth is a collective act, we’ll find it together.


James Gyre

After 8 years of studying geometry, James founded Naked Geometry in 2012 to try to support his art habit. He compulsively plays with shapes until they look awesome.  Basically, blame this guy.

Laura Gyre
Illustrator/Web stuff

Laura joined the team to help out with all the non-geometry. Her favorite projects are the ones that end up turning into new products, but in her down time she makes sure the web stuff is working properly.